The love for Bulgaria and art is the reason why Ivaylo and Irina returned to our country.
The story of Irina and Ivailo is romantic, but it is far from idyll. The two lived outside Bulgaria - in the Czech Republic, but returned to Bulgaria because of their passion for art. Now they live in the village of Apriltsi, which is one of the most beautiful in Bulgaria.

"We met at a school in Troyan and have been together ever since, and we have been in the village of Apriltsi for 21 years. Our parents lost their jobs and we had to go to the Czech Republic to support our families. We made money for start-up capital for a studio and started working, "Irina and Ivaylo told the camera of" Awake ". The family is engaged in pottery.

For both, the village of Apriltsi is a place full of romance, but also of everyday life. "Over the years, more and more non-commercial ideas come to us - this is our drama. We can focus on something commercial and everyone wants it, but it will ruin us as artists and people, "they said.


Да хванеш гората - Събуди се (28.09.2019)

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